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Skin and Personal Care Products

Hair Care Products

       Our company strives to provide the best quality Vegan natural hair and skin care products.  Hair and skin health promotion is the mission of our company.  We live in a world full of toxins, harmful pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and products with ingredients that we can't pronounce that are damaging and cancerous to our bodies.  Our bodies were designed to thrive when we have the necessary nutrients needed to heal and repair itself. These nutrients are found in nature and not in laboratories.  Therefore, we have done the necessary research to ensure healthy, worry-free options that can be used all over your body.  

       Many animals are injected with growth hormones in order to accommodate the intense demand of massively produced food, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, cleaning products, etc, all over the world.  These growth hormones that are injected in animals, are passed on to us humans and cause irregular cells to grow thus the reason for growing numbers of cancer diagnoses each year.  The growth hormones can be ingested in food and absorbed through skin. That's why our company only markets Vegan products.  The plant-based nutrients in the oils that we use provide exceptional benefits for your whole body.  We care about your health!

     We also stand behind our merchandise and guarantee the quality you desire for an affordable price.  Our Organic products are guaranteed to have the best quality natural plant-based ingredients that your hair and skin needs.  Organic is important because it is free from toxic chemicals that we can't see or taste.   All the plant oils used in the organic products are cold-pressed, unrefined, virgin oils, which means these oils have not been processed with chemical additives or expelled at extreme heat temperatures. The African Raw Shea Butter is unrefined and USDA certified organic too! Processing the oils and shea butter destroys the natural composition of the nutrients, which decreases the amount of viable substances that the body needs to be healthy. Furthermore, we do not use a drop of water to dilute our products, it is super concentrated (a small amount goes a long way). Who wants to use watered-down ingredients?

     The essential oils are USDA certified organic as well.  The USDA certified fragrances oils are oil-soluble natural oils without phthalates, alcohols, or synthetic carcinogenic ingredients.  To ensure this quality, it is costly to our company but we try to keep are prices comparable or lower than any competitor without sacrificing quality.  

Our products are USDA Organic Certified by Georgia Crop Improvement Association Organic Program.  Please email us for a copy of our certifications.

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