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Styling & Moisturizing Hair Creams

Use as a leave-in moisturizer for natural hair styles or a deep nourishing conditioner

(allow to sit for 20 minutes  and rinse out). Does not contain water, only a small amount needed. 

Choose the oil combination from our collection that works best for your hair type an needs. 

 Great for men, women, and children with wavy, curly, and kinky hair.

Moisturizes and improves brittleness, stimulates growth, delays greying, treats dandruff and detoxifies, adds shine and luster

Reduces hair breakage, treats scalp psoriasis, detangles, balances pH, provides keratin support and moisturizes

Decreases frizz, adds smoothness and silkiness, decreases hair loss, treats scalp eczema and itching

Penetrates hair shaft and seals in moisture, protects from heat styling, increases elasticity,

heals damaged hair, stimulates hair growth

Thickens, strengthens, regenerates and conditions hair, reduces split ends and sooths scalp

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